“Whether I am interpreting an individual passage or engaging in more general reflections in biblical theology, I turn to Matthew Colvin to ensure I’m getting the Greek right. His expertise in the biblical languages, the classical philosophical background and in ancient Judaic practices make him an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to undertake serious biblical study.” – Rev. Tim Gallant, author of Feed My Lambs

“Matthew Colvin is an exceptional calligrapher. He did some work for our church and it was simply outstanding. I would highly recommend Mr. Colvin for any type of invitations, announcements, letters, and decorative calligraphy decor.” – Rev. David Straw, rector, Trinity Anglican Church, Evansville, Indiana

“Several years ago, I taught an free-standing course on executive coaching for mid-career and senior level executives.  At the end of the year-long endeavor, I wanted them to have a certificate that honored their commitment to the course. With that in mind, I contacted Matt Colvin to create custom certificates for each of the students.  They were thrilled to receive them!  The calligraphy was beautiful and in a style that while classic was elegant enough to be very readable.  Matt communicated frequently with me to ensure that the results were just what I wanted.  Even though he was on the other side of the planet at the time, he carefully shipped them to arrive well before the deadline.  He was and is a pleasure to work with.  When I have calligraphy work in the future, Matt will be my first choice.” – Roger Hall (PhD), Compass Consultation

“If you want to interact with a commentary on a passage in Scripture—let alone argue with it!—you may as well save your breath. The ink on the page will not explain things more clearly or argue back, nor will it be persuaded by anything you say, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get into a discussion with the author. Often, it can seem as if you’re surrounded by conflicting voices from a host of authors. They can’t all be right; they may all be wrong—and you wish you could talk to someone to help you get your thoughts clear.

What you’re looking for isn’t another book. It’s a person, a person who can understand your arguments or your difficulties, a person who is familiar with the literature or able to get up to speed quickly, a person who knows the biblical languages and is skilled in exegesis, a person who is theologically orthodox and yet doesn’t allow his theology to dictate his exegetical conclusions, a person who can provide the research you need to go further or poke holes in your arguments or raise challenging questions you need to answer, a person who—perhaps most importantly—is interested in knowing what the Bible says and in working alongside you to figure it out. In short, you’re looking for Matthew Colvin.

It’s not that he’s always right. Don’t let him know, but sometimes after a long back-and-forth, I still think he’s wrong and I’m right. But if I’m bogged down in my studies or have a thought I want to tease out or an argument I want to try out, you know whom I’m contacting. And now, you can too.” – Rev. John Barach, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Sulfur, Louisiana