We offer professional translation service for texts in Latin and Greek. You give us the text, and we turn it into clear English that expresses precisely the meaning of the original language. We help researchers needing to read a source, pastors with exegetical or lexical questions, and anyone who is curious and says, “It’s Greek (or Latin) to me!”

We can also provide Latin or Greek from your English. Whether you need a motto, proverb, or joke translated, want to help your little Hogwarts student with real-sounding magic spells, or are worried about making a mistake on your company’s logo, Classical Services can do the job. We provide text that is correct, idiomatic, and authentic. Want to turn your novel into a Latin version like Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis or Winnie Ille Pu? We can do that too.


Latin or Ancient Greek to English:

  • Short sayings or quotations: $15.
  • Continuous text (e.g., books): $50 per page (250-300 words per page).

English to Latin or Ancient Greek:

  • Short sayings (school motto, epitaph, etc): $30.
  • Continuous text and larger projects: inquire.

Contact the translator with your project.